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Season: Autumn
Month: October
Day: 28th
Year: 2016

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 Role Playing Rules

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PostSubject: Role Playing Rules   Role Playing Rules Eo1pl7YThu Dec 27, 2012 12:40 pm

Hello, and welcome to the Winx Club. Before you begin on your journey into this wonderful RP, there are rules that must be obeyed by all participants.

Rule 1:

Be sure to be kind to everyone and treat all of them with respect; This goes for RPCs too.

Rule 2:

No Godmodding (Mary-Sueing/Gary-Suting) It's strictly not allowed and it can cause you a ban from the RP if you continue to do it. For more information about it, go here.

Rule 3:

If you want your fairy/witch transform outside an event, you need to have permission from the RP Moderators or a site admin. The higher your rank, the more time it takes for you to transform.

Rule 4:

Rule 4: In this RP, You're not allowed to have more than 3 OCs. No but or anything. It's clear. If you can have lots of OCs, it'll be hard to keep track of your posts.

Rule 5: In this RP, you can't die/kill or anything of that matter. However, if you want to get a new OC, you can say your OC travaled, had to leave, or sometimes you can ask for permission to kill your OC.

Rule 5:

If you want to have a relationship with an OC or an RPC, you must ask for permission before applying anything.

Rule 6:

You can't change your OCs school (Red Fountain, Alfea, and Cloud Tower) unless it was some sort of mini-event and you have a permission from a moderator.

Rule 7:

Never, EVER post something saying that something happened/will happen to an OC or an RPC while it didn't/will not happen.

Rule 8:

Cursing in the RP is completely prohibited and every curse causes a day ban from the RP.

Rule 9:

Attempting to fight someone without their will might cause in a ban in the RP and it's also prohibited.
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Role Playing Rules
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